1. Summarizing

    It spent me a some time figuring out how to combine the hardware with my head. But the first thing is that my Arduino boards are all come to me with headers mounted(Actually the MKR WiFi 1010 doesn’t provide a header-free version and my MKR1000 comes with the MKR IoT Bundle, which is a header mounted version, not a header-free version). Unmounting the headers is not a easy work, I cost a lot of time to achieve it, as the picture shown: Coding is almost done, ready for the data gathering.

    2018/12/09 Blog

  2. Knowledge Storing

    Today I did the summary of HTTP message controlling database. Check notes for Browser Control and Arduino Control.

    2018/11/29 Blog

  3. Arduino Sending Request

    Insert data into Database from an Arduino Board

    2018/11/28 Network

  4. Arduino Posting

    After a day’s working and testing, my Arduino MKR WiFi 1010 could add the data I want into the 'demo'.'user' table which I created in this note.

    2018/11/28 Blog

  5. Browser Sending Request

    Use Browser to add data into Database

    2018/11/27 Network

  6. HTML Coding

    Today my work focused on learning about HTML/JSP to build a basic web page which could let me insert the data which I input in a form on the page, and the experiments were successful.

    2018/11/27 Blog

  7. About Tomcat and MySQL

    Configuring Tomcat 9 / MySQL 8 on macOS Mojave 10.14.1 Step 1: Install Tomcat 9

    2018/11/25 MySQL

  8. Using Tomcat and MySQL

    After connecting Tomcat and MySQL, I summarized the configure step of Tomcat 9 / MySQL 8 and linking them. Check notes here.

    2018/11/25 Blog

  9. JY901 Good to go

    All the functions in repo Arduino-JY901-Serial has been added, now the JY901 module is good to go. My next step is to gather its data through sending HTTP POST to a local server, may be use Django? Will look into it.

    2018/11/18 Blog

  10. Finally get control

    Today my codes can finally send serial data to JY901 module and control it, which means that the coding step has entered the second stage. A giant leap. More could be seen in this repo: Arduino-JY901-Serial.

    2018/11/15 Blog