1. GPG Signature

    Enable the GPG Signature on Git

    2018/11/12 System

  2. Learning New Things

    Today I read part of the book Machine Learning, had Tower used my GPG key to sign the codes, but the coding mission has been suspended. May be continue tomorrow?

    2018/11/12 Blog

  3. Driver Complete

    The codes in repo Arduino-JY901-Serial is now with full abilities to receive data from JY901, but some can’t be tested cause these data are not send by default and need to co-op with the (Host -> JY901) functions.

    2018/11/11 Blog

  4. Modifying Driver

    I’m now trying to purify the codes in repo Arduino-JY901-Serial to make the IMU Serial connection only, the IIC mode is not my goal. The work goes on within JY901.cpp, the writing of host controlling functions are on the go.

    2018/11/10 Blog

  5. Driver Update

    For now, neally all the comments about JY901.h have been added, which may help to understand codes more easily. The work goes on the with JY901.cpp, where I need to complete the comments and implement all the function the manufacturer provided(original repo foucused on implement the JY901 -> host functions, the host controlling functions are ignored). The repo link is Arduino-JY901-Serial. Also, the learning about Machine Learning has started.I’m curious about how long will it take to read the book Machine Learning(Chinese Version, Zhihua Zhou).

    2018/11/09 Blog

  6. Arduino Driver

    Today my work surrounds the reconstruction of Arduino-JY901-Serial. The original repo is for Arduino UNO and the code is a little disorderly. Meanwhile I’m working on migrating my Apple ID to another region for a better experience.

    2018/11/08 Blog

  7. Hello World!

    Today is the first day I use GitHub Pages for blogging. Will try to record my daily works here regularly.

    2018/11/07 Blog